Structural Insulated Panels

Structural insulated panels (SIPS) construction is one of the most popular modular construction methods of the 21st century. SIPs construction was invented in the 1950s but only gained popularity in recent years.  It is now widely used as a quicker and more effective method than traditional construction methods such as block and brick. So, are SIPs the next big thing in construction, or is it a fad? 

Structural insulated panels make up approximately 8% of self-builds because they have significant advantages over traditional blocks and bricks. SIPs speed up the initial stages of construction, increase the building process’s efficiency, and get a building to completion in less time.  

When considering whether or not to choose structural insulated panels for your next construction project, it is essential to factor in the advantages and disadvantages of this construction method in detail.  

Structural insulated panels are the ideal construction method for the modern homeowner because they save time and offer greater efficiency than traditional construction methods such as bricks and blocks.  

SIPs make it easy to build in areas with difficult access. They are also energy-efficient and offer more insulation than bare timber.   



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