Nutec Handiplank and Log Timber Super Structures

Nutec Handiplank and Log Superstructures

Nutec and Log Timber Superstructures are assembled according SANS Code 10082. The complete structure is assembled with greater structural integrity and usually for larger structures. Options for the base is either Concrete or a stilted base. Stilted base makes use of CCA poles elevated approximately 400mm - 450mm above the surface (being the highest point if surface is uneven).  We cureently have a standard 1 and two bedroom unit, but most structures are custom design. Please contact us for your specific requirement. We also provide a rational design (R1800) once the floorplan is concluded for Architectural and Engineering requirements.

Nutec Wendy Houses

The Upmarket Wendy, expect to pay a little extra.
Wendy House (Windows and door included)
Toolshed (Door incl, no windows)
  • NUTEC Fibre cement (needs little to no treatment)
  • Ultra durable (lasts longer than any timber exterior)
  • Rodent and fungus resistant
  • Aesthetically more appealing than timber
  • Nutec itself is fireproof (although the frame and floor is timber)
  • Can be painted any color to compliment its surrounding
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great thermal properties (we clad the exterior with Nutec, plastic sheath and MDF board, already providing good insulation)
  • Upgrade to a  9mm woodgrain exterior cladding
  • Roof is standard Corrugated, can be upgraded to Chromadek or Harveytile
  • Floor: 18mm Pine tongue and groove
  • Stilted base: 300mm above surface: select if surface is uneven, or size exceeds 18m2
  • Ceiling & Sisalation optional.
  • Solar 2 LED with panel and battery optional.
  • Windows as standard is Pine Cottage pane
  • Full range Meranti Windows available as optional , Full Pane or Cottage Pane
Nutec Wendy houses has become very popular due to the practical use and appeal. Please contact us for any custom design or changes you wish to implement.

Log Cabin/Wendy House

Log Cabins are quite simple structures and is flexible in design. The exterior log profile cladding is available in either 13mm, 20mm, or 32 mm logs depending on the size of the structure. The frame is constructed with timber with optional extras such as dry-walling or ceiling and sisalation. With its aesthetic appeal blending in well with nature, log homes create a relaxing environment with an unwinding atmosphere.