Nutec Houses 3 Bedroom


Nutec Houses 3 Bedroom


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 Nutec houses 3 Bedroom units takes on many forms and prices can only be established with customers dimensions, sizes and requirements. Please contact or email us with your requirements and location in order to start the process. We also provide a full Rational design which is to be submitted to council together with Architect and engineer documents (optional). Submission and approval of plans stays the clients responsibility. Nutec in general is much easier to be approved by coucil due to benefits and features below:

  • 9mm Textured, horizontal cladding                      
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Excellent Thermal Properties.
  • Water tight and wind resistant.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Fungus and rodent resistant.
  • Acid resistant.
  • Little to no maintenance.
  • Asbestos free


Installed according to SANS code, We assist with submission and approval of plans. 

Installation takes approximately one month, on site installation. Electrical and plumbing can be quoted seperately as well. 3 Bedroom units can take on any shape and is not fixed in measurements, a loft can be added as well as go double volume.


Available options for Nutec houses 3 bedroom:


Standard roof Corrugated, (Optional) Chromadek, Harveytile, IBR.


Standard window meranti full pane, (optional) Meranti Window Cottage pane and Aluminium windows.


Standard Layout

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