Nutec Panel Wendy House assembly

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Stilted Base
If a Stilted Base is selected, The Frame consist of the following:
Carry Beam 38x76 SABS S5 Pine
Joist 38x76 SABS S5 Pine
Poles CCA Treated 100-125mm
Poles protrude approx 400mm above and below surface.
If a stilted base is not selected the unit will either be on bricks or installed directly on top of a concrete Slab

The Floor consist of Knotty Pine tongue and Groove Pine. As a standard, a 16mm tongue and groove profile is installed. A 22mm as well 32mm thickness is available upon request.
Our Floors are stronger than the norm as we narrow the joist spacing to 400mm as opposed to 500mm. This means that the bounce on the floorplank is minimized and can take more weight.
Should a Shower or basin be installed, please ensure that a waterproof layer is placed on top of the flooring.

Timber Frame
The Timber Frame consist of 38x76 SABS S5 timber. All studs are screwed to the frame and not nailed. The frame itself is also screwed to the base. This adds to the longevity of the product as timber expand and extract, and nails tend to push outwards.



Wall Cladding
The Exterior Cladding consist of three materials:
Medium density fibre backing board 6mm 
Plastic sheath (dust and wind protection)
Nutec Vermont Handiplank 9mm
The thickness of the backing board is of utmost importance as it allows for the nutec cladding to straighten out. Any thinner material will cause the cladding to warp between the studs.

Truss and Purlins
Truss and Purlins are both assembled with 38x76 SABS S5 timber. Depending on the size of the unit the truss and purlin configuration may change depending on the roofspan.  For bigger units 38x114 SABS S5 is required, as well as members between trusses. 

Ceiling and Sisalation
Rhinoboard  6.4mm Ceiling as a standard is installed with the roof slope. A flat ceiling is optional if the wall height is increased to at least 2.4m. 
Sisalation is installed above Ceiling board.
Corrugated zink is installed above Sisalation and ceiling.
Ceiling and sisalation contributes to the thermal properties of the unit, and also prevents dust and wind from entering via the corrugated sine wave from the corrugated zink.
Optional roofing;

Inner wall with Insulation
Inner wall with Insulation adds to the thermal properties inside the unit.
Inner wall consist of the following.
Isotherm white (installed between wall studs)
6mm MDF (Medium density fibre board)
Window and door trim